IP Expert

Specializing in Intellectual Property

IP Expert Hi, I am Lavonna Burrows

My desire to specialize in Intellectual Property was birthed during my on-the-job apprenticeship in my junior year of High School. This was my first summer job experience. I was placed with a small local law firm that introduced me to the world of Intellectual Property. Since then, I knew I wanted to explore that area of law and so I pursued courses in Intellectual Property both in my undergraduate and graduate studies.

After University, I was immediately employed as Legal Counsel at the local Financial Services Regulator. As a result, Regulation and Compliance inevitably became my niche. The experience I gained there was invaluable.

Three years later, I relocated from the beautiful (British) Virgin Islands to another equally beautiful archipelago known as “the Lucayan Archipelago” aka The Bahamas. I continued on the path of Regulatory Compliance. My first few jobs were either contractual or temp jobs. Then, in July 2017, I was hired as the Corporate Secretary at one of the oldest firms that practiced Intellectual Property. This was my opportunity to delve into the practical side of Intellectual Property. Before long, I was immersed in Intellectual Property work.

I started out filing fresh Trade Mark Applications, which led to me conducting searches, filing disclaimer applications, correction of clerical error applications, change of name and change of address applications and the list kept growing. This experience, coupled with my prior knowledge from my studies, built my confidence and competence to start my own ‘IP’ practice.

So in early 2021 I did just that. I applied for the necessary approval to become a Trade Mark and Patent Agent in my home country and voilà, Burrows & Co. BVI, Trade Mark & Patent Agents is now a reality.

Career My Work Experience

  • Admitted to the Bar of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Courts (BVI) – 2012
  • Appeared solo before the Registrar of Lands, Supreme Court of the Virgin Islands, the Commercial Court of the Virgin Islands and the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal (BVI Circuit)
  • 9 years Regulatory & Compliance Experience
  • 6 years Corporate Services Experience
  • 5 years IP Experience