Frequently Asked Questions

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We accept debit and credit card payments. We are also capable of accepting ATH Movil payments (Local). Otherwise, payments are made via wire transfer.

It is first to file.

10 years

4 months if there is no request for additional information and about 6 months may be longer if there is.

No, Trade Marks are jurisdiction specific. If you register your mark in the BVI only, your mark is protected for use in the BVI only.


The BVI only allows for the re-registration of UK patents or EU Patents & SPCs.

In the BVI, copyright protection is automatic, provided you are a qualified person at the time of creating the work.

By way of The Copyright (International Conventions) Order 1979, the Queen has extended its applicability to the BVI. Thus, the BVI recognizes copyrights of those countries that are Party to the Berne Convention or Members of the Berne Union.