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Are you interested in filing a Trade Mark application in the BVI or are you interested in re-registering, assigning, or renewing your UK or EU Patents & SPCs in the BVI? For assistance with your filings, contact us today.



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Established in 2016, Burrows & Co. BVI is a boutique law firm that focuses exclusively on Intellectual Property matters. This is an area of law that is often misconceived and undervalued. That is why our present goal is to bring awareness to everyone near and far of the importance of Intellectual Property; to breakdown those mental barriers that Trade Marks is only necessary for those businesses that have a unique brand or are offering something ‘special’.



We Provide Exceptional Services, Choosing Us As Your Trade Mark Agent or Patent Agent Ensures That The Job Is Well Executed.

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Trade Marks

The legal protection of signs and symbols that are capable of being represented graphically, and of distinguishing the goods or services of one person from those of another person, through its registration as a Trade Mark.


A patent gives the applicant the exclusive right to control the way the patented invention is exploited for a period of 20 years.


The automatic protection conferred on the author (a qualified person) of an original literary work, dramatic work, musical work, artistic work, film, sound recording, broadcasts or typographical work at the time of its creation.

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My desire to specialize in Intellectual Property was birthed during my on-the-job apprenticeship in my junior year of High School. This was my first summer job experience. I was placed with a small local law firm that introduced me to the world of Intellectual Property. Since then, I knew I wanted to explore that area of law and so I pursued courses in Intellectual Property both in my undergraduate and graduate studies...

  • Admitted to the Bar of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Courts (BVI) – 2012
  • Appeared solo before the Registrar of Lands, Supreme Court of the Virgin Islands, the Commercial Court of the Virgin Islands and the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal (BVI Circuit)
  • 9 years Regulatory & Compliance Experience
  • 6 years Corporate Services Experience
  • 5 years IP Experience



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Trade Marks



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10 years

4 months if there is no request for additional information and about 6 months may be longer if there is.

No, Trade Marks are jurisdiction specific. If you register your mark in the BVI only, your mark is protected for use in the BVI only.


The BVI only allows for the re-registration of UK or EU Patents and SPCs.

In the BVI, copyright protection is automatic, provided you are a qualified person at the time of creating the work.

By way of The Copyright (International Conventions) Order 1979, the Queen has extended its applicability to the BVI. Thus, the BVI recognizes copyrights of those countries that are Party to the Berne Convention or Members of the Berne Union.